Each vase or vessel starts out as a series of shapes that Bernadette constructs, layering form on top of form, "until a piece is born that speaks to me." Some were inspired by stories she read to her daughter at bedtime or are imaginary characters created at whim. They are a very figurative based, and can be either very primitive, or very funny! Each piece is unique, and is hand built either out of terracotta or stoneware clay. Painting the glaze is well thought out, and an intricate part of the finishing process. Each vase is one-of-a-kind yet functional, and putting flowers in them just adds to their character Price range:
$35.00 - $750.00.


NEW The Quilt Series
The Quilt Series is a very intricate design inspired by my mother’s love of quilt making, coupled with the farm landscapes I was surrounded by when I was in Art School in rural Kutztown PA. Each piece is hand textured and hand painted with multiple colors.  Even though I work in a series, each piece has its own unique gesture, textures and color combinations.  Like a quilt, it is a labor of love, and has a lot of attention in every “stitch”.  Most pieces are made of stoneware, but the quilted cone-shaped planters are made of terracotta clay and hung with outdoor-friendly painted black chain.


NEW Landscape Quilt Vase



Tiny Dancer

African Rhythms - candle stick holder
Pelican Pitcher Jack in the box
Mini Toureen Wedding Urn - Two Souls

NEW Perch

NEW Quilt Series Bowls

NEW Penelope Peakcock NEW Bowl with Nuts
NEW Reach