Bernadette has been a professional full time ceramic artist since 1988. She has developed a large range of decorative objects as well as one-of-a-kind sculptural teapots, clay vessels and wall hangings.

“My pieces are about movement, as well as statements about my environment and nuances of everyday life. My intrigue with the energy evoked from the gestures of the human figure, in performance and Life Drawing, are strong in my work. My main goal is to make my objects feel as if they are ready to walk or dance off the table.” Other influences include objects/textures in nature, as well as African and Native American Indian ceremonial objects and symbolism.

“I enjoy painting and drawing as well as clay. My working goal is to combine all of these elements into one object. My latest works are more organic, combining themes of nature with human and sometimes “fairy tale” elements that have world cultural influences, to create works that are meant to be light-hearted yet thought provoking.” Her work can be seen in various galleries and stores in the United States as well as private collections throughout Europe.

Bernadette is the sole maker of all of her work. All pieces produced are either one-of-a-kind, or limited editions. Each piece carries its own vision and statement. “To me, making Art is more than just looking. It is inviting the viewer the opportunity to touch, to play, to ponder, to believe that there is something more. In my whole life as a working artist, I have always wanted my art to affect people in a positive way…. To speak words my voice cannot. If I can help someone to laugh, or to see the world in a different light; to see within themselves something deeper and more meaningful, then I have succeeded as an artist.”

Bernadette’s work is hand built terracotta or stoneware clay. They are glazed with handmade “art” glazes, (glazes that have unique colors, qualities, and textures), and heavily textured with either handmade or found objects. They may also be embellished with semi precious stones and glass beads, as well as highlights of acrylic paint, copper wire, and found objects.

*Custom orders welcomed!
*If placing an order, color and texture may vary from images you view here, but Bernadette will try her best to make it as close as possible.
*New Images will be updated periodically. Some of the pieces have already been produced and sold. Please feel free to contact Bernadette for more info, and for pieces available for sale or order.
*All work is copyrighted. Any person or company attempting to copy designs, directly or indirectly, will be held to the full extent of the law.