The new heart rattles were inspired by a Native American” Speaking Rattle”. They can be hung on the wall or put in a special spiritual place. They are very powerful, and were used in Bernadette’s wedding and daughter's baby blessing. A paper describing the ritual accompanies each piece. She has done a lot of personal rattles for weddings, and welcomes custom orders. Price range: $28.00-$125.00


Roots Wedding Poem
Reflections from my window Two Souls
1NEW - Heart - Wall Sconce 2NEW - Spiral - Wall Sconce









1NEW - Star - Wall Sconce 2









Bernadette’s wall pieces combine her talents as a 2-D and 3-D artist. Even though these pieces are in a series, each one is made individually, and she incorporates the frame and colors into the piece as it is formed. Her latest wall hearts also incorporate calligraphy of her favorite love poems, carved right into the clay. The lettering is highlighted with gold-flecked paint. Price Range: $24.00-$150.00

NEW! : For $.15/letter, Bernadette can carve a persons name, date, or favorite poem, to make the gift very meaningful and personal.  Please allow at least 6 weeks. All personalizing info must be placed at the time of the order. 50% deposit required. Shipping and handling available, for an additional fee.


Mother Earth

Guardian Angel

Bernadette’s latest figures are inspired by motherhood, and her connection to mother earth and all living things. “I love the challenge of drawing and sculpting the human figure with its overlapping forms, gesture and proportion.” They are all one-of-a-kind, and very personal. Price available upon request.